One of our American members, Dr Thomas P Sheahen has reviewed at "WattsUpWithThat" the latest book by Danish analyst Professor Bjorn Lomborg. Tom concludes: "Lomborg has a compelling case, and he makes it quite clearly with common-sense reasoning, a grasp of numerical values, and a comfortable writing style. It contains no equations, only graphs. Everyone who is concerned about pursuing the best approach to climate change will find merit in reading this book. "


A new paper by Dr Geoff Duffy, FRSNZ, Professor Emeritus - Chemical Engineering, University of Auckland, New Zealand, states: "It is widely claimed that the MAIN CAUSE of CLIMATE CHANGE is due to ‘GREENHOUSE GASES- RADIATION’. HERE IT IS SHOWN OTHERWISE!!"


"If substantiated, this research blows the man-made global warming theory (anthropogenic forcing) right out of the water. This is huge. The effect for us is huge. We can abandon the politically and financially motivated Paris Accord and put the man-made climate change myth where it belongs – in the fairy tale section of school libraries. Solar variability is the knife through the heart of man-made global warming." LINK

"Contrary to expectations, climate scientists continue to report that large regions of the Earth have not been warming in recent decades." Kenneth Richards popsts at PrincipiaScientific International.


This is the story journalist Doron Levin wrote for Forbes magazine in America about the scientific research by Professor Nir Shaviv and Professor Henrik Svensmark, two members of the GWPF’s Academic Advisory Council. The Forbes editor, however, doesn’t seem to like the piece and has therefore removed it from its website. We post the censored story here for interested readers to make up their own minds about the research by Nir Shaviv and Henrik Svensmark.


What Professor Shaviv himself says about this:


In a lecture to the UK-based Global Warming Policy Foundation, Professor Emeritus Richard Lindzen, formerly of MIT, said: " None of the proposed policies will have much impact on greenhouse gases. Thus we will continue to benefit from the one thing that can be clearly attributed to elevated carbon dioxide: namely, its effective role as a plant fertilizer, and reducer of the drought vulnerability of plants. Meanwhile, the IPCC is claiming that we need to prevent another 0.5◦C of warming, although the 1◦C that has occurred so far has been accompanied by the greatest increase in human welfare in history."


Interesting comment by Melanie Phillips in The Times (London): Link to Melanie

Lindzen tells Daily Mail global warming ended 20 years ago Link to Mail


February 15, 2021, 10:52 pm

Lomborg writes in 'The Australian': "Enough is enough. We must confront climate change, but hyperbole and bluster do the planet no favours. This is the time we should be having a sensible discussion on cost-effective ways to reduce the worst of climate change’s damages...Alternative energy has increased so little because green energy remains incapable of meeting all of our needs met by fossil fuels. Replacing cheap and reliable fossil fuel energy with more expensive and less reliable energy alternatives weighs down the economy, leading to slightly lower growth. This means the Paris treaty is likely to cost between $US1 trillion and $2 trillion ($1.5 trillion and $2.9 trillion) a year, making it the costliest treaty in history. Not surprisingly, research shows that it will increase poverty. Its effects are not evenly felt; increasing electricity prices hurts the poor the most."


In two separate reports, members of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition have debunked alarmist propaganda that methane emitted by agricultural livestock makes any meaningful contribution to global warming.

Full Allison/Sheahen paper Allison Sheahen.pdf

Report in Rural News: Link to report in Rural News

Report by Emeritus Professor Geoff Duffy: Link to Duffy paper

Matt Ridley rebuts biodiversity alarmism at Reaction.Life: "Driven perhaps by envy at the attention that climate change is getting, and ambition to set up a great new intergovernmental body that can fly scientists to mega-conferences, biologists have gone into overdrive on the subject of biodiversity this week.


Distinguished UK commentator Matt Ridley writes in 'The Spectator': "Let nobody tell you that the second decade of the 21st century has been a bad time. We are living through the greatest improvement in human living standards in history. Extreme poverty has fallen below 10 per cent of the world’s population for the first time. It was 60 per cent when I was born. Global inequality has been plunging as Africa and Asia experience faster economic growth than Europe and North America; child mortality has fallen to record low levels; famine virtually went extinct; malaria, polio and heart disease are all in decline. Little of this made the news, because good news is no news."


In a break-through paper just accepted for publication by the International Journal of Atmospheric & Ocean Sciences, U.S. physicist, Dr Edwin Berry shows that natural and human CO2 do not “add” CO2 to the atmosphere. Both natural and human CO2 “flow through” the atmosphere. As CO2 flows through the atmosphere, it raises the level of atmospheric CO2 just enough so CO2 outflow equals CO2 inflow. Nature balances CO2 in the atmosphere when outflow equals inflow.


Dr Berry comments on the release of his break-through paper:


Dr John McLean, of Melbourne, Australia, an expert reviewer of the IPCC Report of 2013 has exploded no less than 17 myths about 'climate change'.

Download pdf

In this outstanding example of scientific scholarship, ground-breaking Danish physicist, Dr Henrik Svensmark dicusses the influence of the sun on Earth's climate and summarises: "the impact of solar activity on climate is much larger than the official consensus suggests. This is therefore an important scientific question that needs to be addressed by the scientific community."

Henrik Svensmark (born 1958) is a physicist and a senior researcher in the Astrophysics and Atmospheric Physics Division of the National Space Institute (DTU Space) in Lyngby, Denmark.


The climatologist Professor Bill Gray passed away in 2016. One of the world’s leading experts on tropical hurricanes and the initiator of seasonal hurricane forecasts he was also a prominent critic of mainstream views on climate change, arguing that natural processes play a much more important role...

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Australian analyst Tony Thomas posts at 'Quadrant': There’s a top-level oceanographer and meteorologist who is prepared to cry 'Nonsense!'on the 'global warming crisis' evident to climate modellers but not in the real world. He’s as well or better qualified than the modellers he criticises — the ones whose Year 2100 forebodings of 4degC warming have set the world to spending $US1.5 trillion a year to combat CO2 emissions. The iconoclast is Dr. Mototaka Nakamura."


Two days ago, the New Zealand Herald published an op-ed by Professor Emeritus Geoff Duffy, of University of Auckland, NZ, rebutting claims about emissions of methane by livestock contained in a report to our Parliament by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment. Today in the Herald is a letter to the editor from one Paul Judge, of Hamilton, calling Prof Duffy a "climate denier", and challenging Geoff's statements about absence of warming. Read below, Geoff's article, and look at graphs that weren't in the Herald article. Then decide for yourself: who is the real denier?

Link to Duffy article

And here are graphs to support Geoff's article: AUSTRALIA and USA temp graphs.pdf

Professor Larry Bell posts at 'Newsmax': "As one researcher prudently observed, 'It is inconceivable that policymakers will be willing to make billion-and trillion-dollar decisions for adaptation to the projected regional climate change based on models that do not even describe and simulate the processes that are the building blocks of climate variability.'"


Dr Timothy Ball and Tom Harris post at 'America Outloud': " A small group fooled the world into believing that warming is bad and that today’s weather is warmer than ever before, all caused by the human addition of a relatively trivial amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere. It is the biggest lie ever told, and that reason alone caused many to believe. The lie began with the assumption that an increase in CO2 would cause an increase in temperature.


Who cares about pesky facts? The ABC has a hysterical narrative to peddle. "Climate change is the single biggest challenge ever faced by humanity. We have absolutely no time to lose." If you believe that, you’ll probably believe that the ABC’s “Fact Checking Unit” actually checks facts. This post, from New Zealand blog TheBFD, about the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) is an example of the biased alarmism practised by news media through the world, in spite of the complete absence of any convincing evidence that we are in a "climate emergency".