Sunday, April 22 will mark the 48th anniversary of Earth Day. A lot of concern about the planet’s future was generated back then and a passionate movement was launched that endures to this day. But is all the fear over a warming world justified? Here are five reasons not to freak out about manmade climate change this Earth Day.

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Climate change alarmism is based entirely on speculation, not on science. Alarmism per se is not a hoax, because people really believe it. But alarmism is driven by a repeated practice that is in fact a hoax. This common hoax is the presentation of speculative conclusions as though they were established scientific facts about the physical world. The standard definition of a hoax is a deliberate deception that is intended to fool a lot of people. The scientists and journalists who falsely report speculations as facts know perfectly well what they are doing, which makes what they do a hoax.

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Our Coalition chairman, Hon Barry Brill, has welcomed the tutorial produced by three eminent US professors to help a California judge gain an understanding of the arguments involved in the 'global warming' debate now known as 'climate change'(see items dated April 2 below).

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Distinguished Canadian climate scientist, Professor Timothy Ball, explains why and how it is important to help ordinary people understand that claims of dangerous human-caused "global warming" is a hoax that will cost us billions of dollars and do nothing to change global temperatures.

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Our Coalition’s energy spokesman, Bryan Leyland, has a guest post today in New Zealand’s most widely read blog, "Whale Oil Beef Hooked" setting out issues with the Royal Society of New Zealand in relation to departures from its Code of Ethics.

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