"As environmental activists jet around the world complaining of 'carbon footprints' and preaching 'renewable energy' while insisting that countries be taxed for their CO2 emissions, they are silent regarding the real and present menace that is currently wiping out millions of human beings around the world," writres Dr Thomas D. Williams.

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Comprised of 450 instrumental records from temperature stations sheltered from ocean-air/urbanization/adjustment biases throughout the world, a new 20th/21st century global temperature record introduced previously here very closely aligns with paleoclimate evidence from tree rings, ice cores, fossil pollen and other temperature proxies.

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Professor Michael Kelly, emeritus Professor of Technology at Cambridge University, was one of 43 Fellows of the Royal Society in UK who in 2016 accused the RS of being dogmatic on the topic of climate change. Dr Kelly wrote about the challenge in the Mail on Sunday, and his article is relevant two years later in New Zealand in view of the complaint by members of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition against the Royal Society of New Zealand alleging misleading statements in this country about causes of changes in climate.

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Our planet has just experienced the most extreme two-year cooling event in a century. But where have you seen this reported anywhere in the mainstream media? You haven’t, even though the figures are pretty spectacular. As James Delingpole reports.

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Climate change alarmism is based entirely on speculation, not on science. Alarmism per se is not a hoax, because people really believe it. But alarmism is driven by a repeated practice that is in fact a hoax. This common hoax is the presentation of speculative conclusions as though they were established scientific facts about the physical world. The standard definition of a hoax is a deliberate deception that is intended to fool a lot of people. The scientists and journalists who falsely report speculations as facts know perfectly well what they are doing, which makes what they do a hoax. Distinguished US analyst Dr David Wojick explains: