A New Zealand colleague, Peter J Morgan, has clarified, by editing, an excellent paper by Cap Allon, of electroverse.net, which shows conclusively that the global temperature record since 1880 is highly related to solar activity, and the stark climate reality is that cold times are returning as a new solar minimum threatens. Peter has converted the paper to pdf format, and enlarged the explanatory graphs.

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Courtesy of New Zealand's most widely-read blog, The BFD, this post by US CFact analyst, Peter Murphy says: "Some of the wealthiest people on the planet are driving and funding the climate change political agenda for more electric cars, wind turbines and solar panels, and eradication of nuclear energy and fossil fuels. Their message is clear: America and the world must reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources and adapt in order to save the planet. That means higher costs, less energy consumption and reduced living standards."


September 14 was the 14th day when no sunsports were observed. For 400 years a record of numbers of sunspots has been recorded in recurring solar cycles. This method appears to hone in on one forecast and one forecast alone: a cold and snowy future — one akin to the Maunder Minimum (1645-1715), the previous prolonged spell of low solar output and the previous ‘full blown’ Grand Solar Minimum. This post explains what this could mean for the future of Earth's climate.


CLINTEL, the 900-member international group Climate Intelligence Foundation has written an open letter to Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates to point out that his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is misleading the world in its claims about linkage of the Covid-19 pandemic to "climate change".